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Crosbys beer

 Special Agent Devrin Crosby stopped by Goodtime Charlie's bar every Sunday and ordered one, which he never tasted nor drank. He knew
if he could resist being this close to it, he resist it for the rest of the week.
He had to. He was already on suspension and if his boss so much as
smelled it, he would be cleaning out his desk the same day.



 Gerald changes tire

Gerald McMullen, a total stranger, changes Katie Froscher's tire in a
driving rainstorm and is
captivated by her beauty. Neither of them
realize the eventual consequences
of this chance meeting.


Tim Cook running

Press Secretary Tim Cook running in the rain in search of a mailbox and be rid of the
evidence before it was too late.


The camera

Agent Sanders spotted the evidence he needed;
the frayed, burned end of the
microphone windsock. “Gun!” he yelled.
“His camera is the gun!”


 The shot

The lens of the camera was stuck, zoomed
in so tight that all Billy Ray could see was the President's necktie. 
The only thing he could do was to pan the
camera up to the President's head at eye level. Then the
President begin his speech,
"The fourth Angel poured out his vile
upon the sun..." Rev. 16:8



Billy Ray took the camera into the super-secure arena of the
White House Briefing Room and mounted on the existing tripod, where earlier that morning the other camera had accidently been knocked over by the cleaming crew.

 Billy afterwards

Billy Ray’s body was slumped on the floor
in a lifeless heap, hate literature scattered
around his head and torso contorted
by the onslaught of Secret Service bullets.

 Spectrum conspiracy

The room was old and dusty, the floor
littered with debris. The faces of the Spectrum
members were hidden behind various
types of masks, which along with the code
names, were to insure each of their anonymity.


 Tim Cook's sucide

"Arlington PD found the Press Secretary,
Timothy Cook, at his home. He left a note.
Looks like suicide.”

 Gold Coin on cooler

On a hunch, Sanders walked to the edge of a tiny patch of palm trees and
aimed his flashlight into the underbrush. The wind blowing through the palm fronds gave the area an eerie feeling of desolation. A glint of metal caught
his eye and he made his way towards the reflection. It was a gold coin
embossed with the figure of liberty. When he picked up the coin, he realized it was lying on something white that had been buried in the sand.
Brushing away the sand, he discovered a large cooler. In less than
8 minutes the temperature here would reach 20 million degrees,
vaporizing the entire island.








As Leslie read the note, the color drained from her. She glanced up at the
man and then toward Mr. Anthony, who was shaking hands with a man
outside his office. Her hands trembled as she reread the note:

Stay calm and remain quiet. The radio is a bomb. The remote is in my
right hand. If you activate the alarms, or tell anyone, we both will die.
The radio is armed and capable of leveling the building. Fill the
briefcase with hundreds and fifties. Follow normal procedure.
I know what to look for so do not attempt to sabotage the money.
When I am safely away, I will send a signal disarming the bomb.
REMEMBER; Do Not Touch The Radio! Follow these instructions,
and no one will die.

Leslie was so scared she couldn’t talk, only nod.


 Billy Ray dead

 Billy Rays planted Motive

 Camera finger prints

Camera with fingerprints

Dillon Crater

The Dillon Crater with robot


Dillon After Dillon Explosion

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" Here, in this literary forsaken den, we had gathered, spilling out our hearts and emotions onto twenty pound bond in double-spaced black ink, always in an attempt to move closer to the edge of the publishing abyss. Those of us who made it worked our poems and prose onto a hook as one might an earthworm and flung it as far as we could into the swirling maelstrom of unpublished manuscripts. Some only got a nibble; some a bite, but in landing our catch, each of us was careful that the literary trophy bass we longed for wasn’t a bottom feeding carp."

Excerpt from Den of Rhyme
Craig Faris
, © 2011


Author: Craig Faris
Trade Paperback Original
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