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What Others are Saying about The Spectrum Conspiracy
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 I received this email Jan 8th containing feedback from the Claymore Award judges, The comments below are unedited.

Title: The Spectrum Conspiracy

Author: Craig Faris

Strong Beginning:
The Spectrum Conspiracy had a very strong opening. Using the word "loomed" immediately added to the anticipation for the unsettling phone call. This story reads like a thriller. It was a bit of a cliché to begin with a telephone call in the night waking up the character. One judge said, “I'd rather the senator be on the senate floor or in some other situation and be approached by a human being.”

Another said, “Although the opening is a phone call, which many claim is overused, the suspense was well crafted and immediately grabbed me as a reader.”

Special Agent Devrin Crosby has backstory and flaws and is sympathetic. We want to root for him to succeed. You introduced a lot of characters in these 50 pages, but there was no confusion. Each character was distinct. One judge mentioned that Crosby would've had an (inward) moment of concern and wonder at the White House press secretary looking for a mailbox.

One judge found Kathryn a bit unrealistic and not especially likable, but this seemed to be a matter of personal preference, since others had no problems with her.

Your setting was realistic. There was just the right amount of detail to create realism without bogging down the pacing. The level of detail for each scene rang with authenticity. Washington is a well covered backdrop in many stories, so there doesn't need to be volumes written about the locale. The descriptions here are just enough to put the reader into the action, and you do a good job with this. One judge said, “There have been a million thrillers set in Washington DC, so the author has a tough row to hoe here. I think he (or she) can get it done.”

This was good. It moved the story along and sounded like “real talk.” The characters have definite changes in their speech patterns, making it easy to identify who is speaking without having to use tags. Judges loved the line; "they think a hot date is a five-mile run to a firing range."

The Spectrum Conspiracy had action and high stakes. Even more, the stakes mattered. To protect their patriotism, the Spectrum group assassinates the President of the U.S., framing and killing an innocent man. Special agent Crosby is just the underdog to ferret out all the details of the case.
One judge said, “I'm not sure what the plot is at this point, but this is a long thriller, so that's okay.”

Another said, “I may have needed to read more to discover what will be different about this plot, wherein the president is assassinated.” Since this idea has been used so often, maybe introduce a few ideas earlier that show what makes this story different?

Suspense and tension are used to good effect in Spectrum Conspiracy. The suspense is created right from the beginning and keeps building. The scene in which the poor camera man is duped into becoming the assassin and sacrificial lamb was harrowing. One judge said, “With such high stakes, I had to keep turning the pages to find out what happened next.”

The tire changing incident (for example) is one that shows that every scene in the manuscript shows menace and foreboding.

With such strong characterization, even the minor characters had story arcs and inner conflicts. The layered conflicts worked well together.

One judge said, “Conflicts are all over the place. We don't know exactly who is doing what or what side who is on!” As handled, this is a positive, since the reader is kept in suspense, but never confused.

Another said, “There are numerous conflicts emerging among the characters, and internal conflict concerning alcohol addiction presents early in the protagonist.”

Well done. You effectively sped the story up and down so that an average reader would be unaware of that story dynamic. Readers are pushed and pulled through the story. One judge said, “Excellent. I'd buy this book.”

Voice/Writing style:
Your style and voice were distinctive and engaging. You made great use of 3rd person POV. One judge said, “It's rather Ludlum-like. That's a compliment. But it also means that this has got to be more than the ordinary, stereotypical political thriller.”

Grammar & Mechanics:
Exceptionally well done. Few errors in grammar, punctuation, spelling, or mechanics were detected. Two minor examples: "...where it will lay in state..." should be “lie in state.” Also, one judge mentioned that it's a lectern, not a podium. Since most people would call it a podium, this may not be an issue.

Additional Notes:
One judge said, “A compelling read. I don't read many thrillers, but this one held my interest.”

Another said, “This book would sell. It needs editing. There are a few grammar and vocabulary slip ups. The formatting is off in places. The beginning could be strengthened. Having the black President be a conservative (my take) is an excellent ploy. I don't know what the rest of the book is like, but I would be disappointed if it is a KKK killer of a black president. I'd love to see a really nasty and complex conspiracy of some kind. I'm a sucker for these kinds of books.”

Another said, “The writing is crisp, and the plot moves without a lot of unnecessary words. My only concern at just fifty pages is that I didn't get to read enough to see how this story, although well written will be different than another Ludlum type of suspense thriller about a presidential assassination.”

This was a strong contender.

Author's Note: The Killer Nashville Claymore Award is a contest for unpublished mystery and thriller manuscripts. At the time I entered this contest in May of 2012, my novel, The Spectrum Conspiracy was not yet published or under contract.

Ten finalists were announced in July 2012, chosen from 223 entries through a blind judging process. Each MS was read by two author/readers to move out of the first round. Then by a third and, in case of a tie, a fourth to move into the final ten.

The finalists were read by Killer Nashville's 2012 publishing partner, Five Star Press/Tekno Books. The publisher then chose the winner and two runners up and the winners were offered publishing contracts.

The Spectrum Conspiracy was NOT chosen as a winner or a finalist in this competition, however I was notified that is fell just outside the final ten and some of the agents requested my contact information. But by that time it was already under contract with Bella Rosa Books.

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rated it 4-Stars ****
Fantastic book by a SC author. This action-packed novel is packed with history, science, and government inter-workings. Keeps you on the edge of your seat. Lots of moving parts and secret plans and agendas. The end unfolds with twists and turns I never expected! Covert secret government agency plans - yes please!

I was pleasant surprised with this author’s ability to weave so many stories and agendas together. And the details in the scientific fields was impressive.

There were a lot of people and names to keep up with! I actually made myself a cheat sheet of names and code names so I wouldn’t get confused.

Highly recommend this book! Page turner for sure! Action starts almost immediately

James E. Furry
Terrific Storyline, Great Plot, Super Entertaining May 8, 2019
As a retired  FBI Special Agent, I found Mr. Faris' book to be fast paced, exciting and captivating. The storyline moves quickly, always keeping the reader involved delving into the quick twists and turns of a great plot. It is a book that you won't want to put down. Much more exciting than most of the cases the FBI really investigates, Mr. Faris demands much of his writing and it is evident as the book does a wonderful job of character development and the movement of the story to a climactic and exciting ending. I would recommend this one as a "must read." Well done.
Debra J. McCahan
Very suspenseful!April 23, 2019
I enjoyed reading this book and could hardly put it down. The end was a surprise that I did not expect!
Matt Roberts
Five Stars October 20, 2017
Great read, could not sleep all night up reading

Steve Spears
5 Stars New FanSeptember 12, 2017
Just finished the book, I was literally on the edge of my seat for the last few chapters. I hated to put it down and couldn't wait to get back to it.The book was very well written. A wonderful mix of detail, suspense and excitement. Bravo Mr. Faris, Bravo!!!!!!!!!

5 Stars
A thriller!July 6, 2017
I really enjoyed the book. The twists and turns had me wondering who was a good guy and who was a bad guy. It had me on the edge of my seat the entire read.

5 stars This was a very good book - about midway into it I was hooked ...June 12, 2017
This was a very good book - about midway into it I was hooked and could not put it down. Everything about the story-line seemed realistic and plausible. This was a very thought provoking book!!

***** The Spectrum Conspiracy -- It's one of those novels that comes along just a few times in your life that you can't put down !! This has got "SUCCESS" written all over it and would make a FABULOUS movie !!! Good job Craig...
Posted by Manning Kimmel partner with WRHI Radio, part of Our Three Sons Broadcasting Jan 17, 2014

***** Five - Stars This is an excellent book for anyone who is interested in the impact of the new physics on weapons, warfare, morality and conscience. And it does not lack action, romance, and political intrigue. The bad guys all get a voice, and while they are not whitewashed, at least Faris gives us a good (look) at what made them what they are-- a nice change from the stereotypical Middle Eastern Terrorist or the White Supremacist. The ebook version would profit from formatting so as to alert the reader to changes in point of view, especially when dealing with the characters Crosby and Gerald. Like almost every writer I have read recently, Faris has difficulty realistically portraying senior citizens, and I am one. Come to my house and you will not get instant coffee and stale cookies, and I will not describe either my writer son or my artist son and 'such a nice boy.' But I can forgive that of Faris as long as the keeps writing this caliber of political thriller. Posted on Goodreads and Amazon by Linda Root 12/15/13

**** Four - Stars This was a real page turner and very hard to put down. The storyline was captivating and somewhat plausible. The only distraction was the poor editing. There were countless misspellings but the clincher was "Hanger." Hangers are for shirts, hangars are for airplanes. Big difference. I would have awarded five stars if not for the sloppy editing. :-) Posted by Charles Mink on Jan 26, 2014 

 ***** Five-Stars Non-stop intrigue from a master story teller 
 I read this book in three days on my Kindle -- I would have read it in one sitting if it had been the weekend. I absolutely loved the way that Craig spins the web of his plot, his use of terse description, and his interesting characters. He handles the science in this book like a master, and I had to look him up to see if he was a science major in college. His description of raising the damaged boat read like one who had been a scuba diver, and had spent time under water (he used to scuba dive) and his handling of numerous details ring true. Get this book, read this book, you will be glad you did. Only make sure you have time to read it in one sitting -- you will not want to put it down!
By Teresa Wilson (Kindle) Amazon Verified Purchase Sept 18, 2013

  ***** Five-Stars - A HOME RUN
      First things first. Writing this review and getting it to Craig Faris in anything resembling a timely manner has resulted in me becoming a bit paranoid. Why? You may ask. Simple I've now tried four times to email it and once I've sent it via snail mail. None of those efforts have shown up on Craig's door step so to speak. Just what have you gotten me into Mr. Faris?
    Now to lay a little groundwork. I read. I read A LOT. I read mysteries, histories, Sci-Fi, westerns, military thrillers, political thrillers and I've read my share of match book covers along the way. I'm a patron of the local library on a weekly basis and I can be safely left alone in a bookstore without adult supervision by The Lovely Bride for hours on end. Drop me off just about anywhere and I will find, at a bare minimum, a book rack. Heck, I rarely travel any distance without a book.
    Having established all that to your satisfaction lets get to the point. Craig Faris has hit a home run with "The Spectrum Conspiracy". I've read all the "Big Name" authors over the last twenty or thirty years. You know the ones. They churn out the 500 plus page tomes every eight months or so. And I've read most if not all of what they have produced. Over the last several years I've noticed something. The "Big Names" have become, well, boring. they rehash, rearrange, and in my opinion steal from one another on a regular basis. Craig steals from none of them with "The Spectrum Conspiracy" and rehashes nothing. It's all original and very, very possible. Yes, Craig makes it a point to assure the reader that while the science exists it is not any where near the level he takes it to. Or is it? Ok, maybe not today. Or even next week. But this is the 21st century and technology has been known to make huge leaps. So maybe week after next....Are there people who would use the science and technology Craig describes for political and/or financial gain? I have no doubt. I've met some of them. Can you read "The Spectrum Conspiracy" in one day? I'm sure you can. You just might not be able to sleep that night. Or the night after that. Read the "Spectrum Conspiracy" and take a peak around a very scary and very possible corner of the future.  By Dean Mackey, (Paperback)  Dean Mackey is a retired law enforcement Captain with the Pageland, SC, Police Dept, now residing in Aberdeen, Maryland. Sent via email on September 16th 2013.

 I found the Spectrum Conspiracy very hard to put down. I had heard about the book from a friend and bought a copy. I put it aside for several weeks, convincing myself that I really didn't have time to read it with all of the other things on my "to-do" list. One evening I picked it up and read the first chapter. I then found myself picking it up every time I had a few minutes. Soon I was putting off other things to read it, to the point of depriving myself of sleep to finish it. The book has well developed characters, an intriguing plot, and plenty of action and surprises that kept me hooked until I finished it. I highly recommend the book for people that like high tech, fast paced, murder mystery type books.  Posted By David L The Spectrum Conspiracy (Paperback) 7/9/2013

***** "I am always somewhat hesitant in regards to any book my wife hands me. We have distinctly differing tastes in literature. This time she hit it right on the nail head. This is a thinking man's novel. The plot lines were realistic, the research was good and it all came together in the end as a well plotted political thriller should. His debut novel made for far better reading than many similar books by other well known authors. I will be adding Craig Faris to my list of favored authors. I look forward to his next book." Posted by  Email  R. L. M., Paperback,July 2, 2013

5-Stars ***** 47th Five Star Review Fantastic read! 
I started the Spectrum Conspiracy after reading a David Baldacci novel, and was unsure whether to expect the same captivating thrill as I have previously experienced with his books. I am happy to say that I found the Spectrum Conspiracy to have characters with even more depth than some bestselling political thrillers I have read, and found the plot to be more smooth sailing, and with more unexpected twists and turns. I read it in about 8 total hours and was engrossed every minute. Highly recommended. I look forward to more books from this author. Posted by Michelle K - June 29, 2013 Amazon (Paperback)

5 - Stars ***** Very detailed and well-written thriller, This book is very impressive in its level of scientific detail and prolonged suspense. The author had to have spent much time in research just to make the science sound plausible, and rich characterization supported the narrative. Posted June 28, 2013 by Vickie - Amazon (Kindle Edition)

6 - Stars - I'd give it Six Stars - Spoilers deleted (****)
I finished reading your book (sorry it took so long) and I quite frankly was amazed how good it was. Once I got into the meat of it during my vacation, I had a real hard time putting it down. When I'm doing other things but thinking about such things as what really happened to (****), it's a sign of a really good book. I'm glad you saved (****).
Good job! Posted by Mike, Trade Paperback B& Posted June 23, 2013

5 - Stars ***** Exciting book - good read,
The Spectrum Conspiracy
This was my first book by Craig Faris and I really enjoyed it. It had enough plot twists to keep me guessing how it would end and who was the real good guys and who was the real bad guys. The technology in the book is interesting and who knows how close it could be to reality, it is a dangerous world we live in. The characters and locations are interesting and add to the enjoyment of the book. I think you will enjoy this book. Posted June 10, 2013 By Ted Amazon
Kindle Edition

5- Stars ***** Had me a prisoner! (Kindle Edition)
I came upon this book by chance searching for political thrillers. Started a little bit slow but picked up right away. The main characters were likable. As it continued the plot had you and you had to keep reading to see where it would go. A completely enjoyable book and I hope there will be more to come from this author. Posted June 10, 2013 by Elizabeth Huffman

5 - Stars *** 43rd 5-star review, Amazon, B&N, Goodreads
Good Read I really enjoyed this story. Lots of well written action and well developed characters. This was my first book written by this author and I will definitely read more.
Posted by Darrel Riddle, Kindle Edition, May 19, 2013

5 - Stars *** The Spectrum Conspiracy
This is a book that will make you wonder if the author has access to secrets. It keeps you hooked right up until the end.
Posted by Holly M., a professional literary agent, Paperback May 14,2013

5 - Stars "I really enjoyed reading The Spectrum Conspiracy! It kept me guessing to the very end about what would happen next. It also left me wondering about what is next for several of the characters. I think it is a sign of a really good story when you continue to think about the characters when you have finished reading. Looking forward to the next novel by Craig Faris. Posted by Karen A, Fort Lauderdale, FL 4/29/2013

5 - Stars Enthralling!  40th Five Star Review The Spectrum Conspiracy (Paperback)
Don't miss this one. The thrilling story immediately draws you into the daily lives of the multi-layered characters, as the compelling plot unfolds. Posted by L. King, March 26, 2013

"Just finished the book last night. Great read and kept my attention throughout. I love this genre and am looking forward to another Crosby and Matthews collaboration!" Posted by Garrett Lutz on Facebook March 21, 2013

 5 - Stars Well Written Thriller! 
Good, fast paced book that is very hard to put down. There are many plot twists and turns and lots of interesting characters. Highly recommended! Posted by Janet, Paperback on, Feb 28, 2013

5 - Stars Riveting
"Halfway through this book my Kindle died. I immediately ordered a new Kindle so I could complete the book. Lost momentum a little due to the delay but soon got back into it, enjoyed the characters and the plot was brilliant."
Posted by Sherrin Sutcliffe, Amazon Kindle Feb, 20, 2013

5 - Stars  Read The Spectrum Conspiracy!
"It is a very good book. The characters at first were hard to follow because they have code names and switch back and forth. When I read it again, I will write down who is who. Read it. You will be glad you did." Posted by Ruth Eisenhuth, Amazon Feb 18, 2013

5 - Stars Couldn't put it down
"Craig Faris did an excellent job with The Spectrum Conspiracy. I have already decided that Matt Damon needs to play the lead when it is made into a movie, which it definitely should be!"
Posted by J. Christmas Feb, 17, 2013

5 - Stars Gifted writer
"I had the pleasure of reading this manuscript about a decade ago. This talented work has evolved through countless hours of Craig Faris' attention to detail and relentless commitment to excellence of story telling. My highest recommendation of a novel certain to please the most seasoned of readers."
Posted by Charles Burnette, Feb 17 2013,

5 - Stars Unbelieveable! "A definite "must read". Had me on the edge of my seat from the beginning. Good enough to be made into a movie." Posted by Castelvecki February 15, 2013 Amazon

5 - Stars Wow!!!!!!!!! "I just finished this book I couldn't put it down! I hope there is a sequel. This book kept me guessing to the last page."
Posted by Luci & Chad Turner February 2, 2013 Kindle edition

5 - Stars - Talk about a page turner!
"I typically don't read a lot of thrillers, but I've got say that Craig Faris' The Spectrum Conspiracy has won me over. Fast-paced, engaging plot and terrifically high stakes. I couldn't put it down. Talk about a page turner!"
Posted by Brenda McClain (Nashville, TN United States) 1/30/201

5 Stars - The Spectrum Conspiracy "This was a real page-turner ! I read the entire book in about a week, and I'm normally a slow reader. I kept picking it up to find out what was going to happen next. A lot of action, lots of different places, lots of characters, but they all came together in ways I didn't expect. I hope there's a movie, it would be action packed !!" Posted by Karen on Amazon Jan. 28, 2013

5 Stars - This book has it all!
"Fast paced. Murder. Unexpected twists and turns. Corruption at the highest level. Locations - Charlotte, NC, Key West, Jamaica and The Caymans. Broad cast of characters. Do not read this book if you only have a few minutes to give, because you will not put it down until it's done! You are so sucked into the drama, you can't wait to see what's going to happen next! Who is this Craig Faris and where has he been all our lives! We need more!! This is a movie MUST!!The Spectrum Conspiracy" By PrincessMarigold - Posted on Jan. 26, 2013

5 - Stars - Must read!, January 25, 2013 
My usual genre is Christian fiction and historical fiction. However, I couldn't put this book down. I was intrigued. Action, drama, suspense, mystery--it's all there - even a little romance. As I read, I saw all the action on the big screen. This would make a great movie! Read the book! I give it 5 stars! Posted by Supersub Jan, 25, 2013

5 - Stars - One of the best thrillers out there! 
I was astonished by how (good) this book actually was. It was great! Kept you on the edge of your seat nearly the entire time! Would be fantastic as a movie! Posted by pirateduck on Amazon Jan, 24 2013

5 Stars - Great read! "I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It felt like Dan Brown and John Grisham rolled into one. A true page turner! Love, murder, catastrophes, politics -I couldn't put it down." By Anne H. Lafferty Posted January 23, 2013 Format:Paperback

5 Stars - Fantastic book! "This is a great read! Interesting, fast paced, thrilling to the end. Would love to see this as a movie. I highly recommend it." By Joni Smith Posted Jan 23, 2013 (Kindle Edition)

4 Stars -
 Action-packed, well-crafted thriller
"I picked up The Spectrum Conspiracy mainly due to the eye-catching cover and I have to say I thought the characters were well developed, the plot was captivating, and the overall premise was plausible. What's interesting is that I had just finished reading a thriller by a popular author, and while it was entertaining, this book from a new author was actually far better crafted. This was a fast-paced and enjoyable book with a very ambitious cast of characters and exotic settings, yet it all came together like Sunday dinner."
By D. Healey posted Jan 20, 2013 Format:Kindle Edition

5 Stars "Excellent opening chapter that caught my attention. The events depicted in the first 30 pages are not outside the realm of possibility. Government assassins, political intrigue and the threat of terrorism, makes for an enjoyable read. Fast-paced story, with well developed characters and an interesting counter-terrorism concept. A easy quick read. Better than some of the well known popular political thriller writers."
By AndyL
January 20, 2013 Format:Paperback

5 - Stars - Excellent thriller!!
I am an avid reader and love the crime/murder mystery/suspense-thriller-type books such as Cornwell, Connelly and Patterson. This book lives up to all of the popular contemporary authors. Very exciting fast paced action with thought provoking concepts. This would make a great movie as well! Great book, really enjoyed it and look forward to his next one! 
Posed by Costners Amazon Jan 17, 2013

5 Stars "A one day read for me! So fast paced and action packed I couldn't turn the pages quickly enough. I started it Saturday morning and could not put it down until I finished - literally! I hated for it to end.
This book grabbed my attention from the beginning and held it all the way 'til the end. I got a real feel for the substance of the characters without excessive description and found the plot to be plausible and within the realm of potential reality. The writing flows smoothly.
I agree with other reviewers who have said it will make a great movie. Kudos to Mr. Faris! I look forward to his next novel." Posted by Delia 1/14/13

5 Stars "I am loving this book it fits into the 'can't put down' category. As an avid reader I am very fussy with what I read and this book gives me the same high as the best of this genre has always done. Indeed it stands up there with best of them. Posted by DI 1/12/13 Amazon, Ballarat, Australia
She posted the following on facebook:
"Found Spectrum Conspiracy on Amazon Kindle and cannot put it down so thought I would check you out hoping to find other here I am in Ballarat Australia with a new FB friend! As an avid reader I am thrilled to find a new author to the standard of so many other of my reads of this genre. Thank you."

5 Stars "I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Fast paced, interesting characters. One of those books that you find hard to put down. A real page turner!" Posted by FeFe 1/11/13

5 Stars "This is not the type of book I usually read but it does drive you to keep reading. It is up to the minute with the technology and plot line. If thrillers are your thing I don't think you will be disappointed with this book. The tension builds and as a reader you want to ask some of these characters how they missed this or that clue. Fans of this genre should not be disappointed. I'd be a big fan of a book where all the bullets in this country were replaced with gummy bears....we could call it the gummy bear conspiracy, but that's just me :-)
Henry Vere Posted on Amazon January 11, 2013

5 Stars "Just finished this book and I am giving it 2 thumbs up! I couldn't put it down once I started. I found it very suspenseful with very engaging characters and a great storyline. I look forward to more books by this author." jwhitecarolinaguy Posted on B&N January 10, 2013

Emailed "I just finished your book yesterday - wow, full of action and intrigue and fast-paced. I enjoyed it. Good job."
Heiko B. Pastor, Neely's Creek Church, Received via email 1/9/2013

5 Stars "This is a great read! Keeps your attention right from the start! If you like well written suspense novels this book is for you. I think it would make a great movie script. I can't wait to see it on the big screen! Once I started reading I could not put it down until I was finished. What makes it scarey is that it could possibly happen." HoldenBchBoy Posted on Amz 1/4/2013

5 Stars "As a writer, I tend to read critically, and The Spectrum Conspiracy bears scrutiny extremely well. I'm amazed by the intricate plot, believable and memorable characters, and authentic dialogue. If there are inaccuracies in the scientific material or government workings, I didn't pick up on them. A great read start to finish." Betty Beamguard Posted on Amz 1/4/2013

5 Stars "Just got through reading this book and it was excellent. It kept me in it until the end. Well written and a good read. I could see this book becoming a movie."
Devrin Avant Posted on BAM 1/3/2013

5 Stars "With engaging characters, plenty of suspense, a plausible intricate plot, and more twists and turns than an Appalachian highway, this novel sucks you in and doesn't let go. Never boring, it takes "what if" to a whole new level." Anonymous Posted on B&N January 4, 2013

5 Stars "This book really got my attention right off the mark. Really hard to put it down once you get into it and I would recommended to anyone that likes to be on the edge of their seat while reading. Really phenomenal!"
 Posted on B&N January 2, 2013

5 Stars "Finished reading THE SPECTRUM CONSPIRACY by Rock Hill's own Craig Faris. Add this book to your "must read" list. Those of you who know me, know that this is not my regular genre. I read Christian fiction, historical fiction, and some mystery. This book is in the action, drama, thriller category. I THOROUGHLY ENJOYED THE BOOK! Congratulations, Craig! Great job!"
Carolyn Lesslie posted 12/30/2012

5 Stars "When I first started reading "The Spectrum Conspiracy" I didn't think the book would hold my attention. However, I have read all of Vince Flynn's Mitch Rapp series and several of James Patterson's books about Alex Cross and the Spectrum Conspiracy novel was just as exciting and entertaining. I could not put the Spectrum Conspiracy book down once I started reading it. I would rate the book as good as the Flynn/Patterson books. I hope the book becomes a movie. It would be a block buster. I highly recommend this novel to anyone who likes the Flynn/Patterson novel. You won't be disappointed."
Thomas Ferguson posted 12/31/2012

5 Stars "Wow! What a great read. I could not put it down- literally. Past paced and scary real. I could see this being played out in our country. . Hope it becomes a movie." Lona Gilmore posted 12/28/2012

5 Stars - Fantastic 
One of the most engaging books I have had the pleasure of reading in the past year. I read the whole thing in about two days because I could just NOT set it down. The way it comes in and just hooks you from the first chapter is brilliant. 10/10 thriller! Posted by Emergentconch Dec, 25, 2012


" Here, in this literary forsaken den, we had gathered, spilling out our hearts and emotions onto twenty pound bond in double-spaced black ink, always in an attempt to move closer to the edge of the publishing abyss. Those of us who made it worked our poems and prose onto a hook as one might an earthworm and flung it as far as we could into the swirling maelstrom of unpublished manuscripts. Some only got a nibble; some a bite, but in landing our catch, each of us was careful that the literary trophy bass we longed for wasn’t a bottom feeding carp."

Excerpt from Den of Rhyme
Craig Faris
, © 2011


Author: Craig Faris
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